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Remember the times when we used to stand in front of the mirror with our mother’s dupatta over the head and pretended we were the leads of a ‘fairy-bolly-tale’? Yes, that’s where it all started!

We have idolized celebrities ever since we started building our own consciousness; starting from their style statements to their gorgeous looks, we have always wanted to look like them (Don’t deny it! You know it’s true!!), or at least get close!

One thing we have always wondered is- how do these stars have such a fine glow on at all times? - and over the years of growing up and several reality checks, we realized that it’s not just the genes or make-up that works for our Bollywood stars but a dedicated routine that includes regular workouts, a healthy diet, and consistent skin and self-care.

Celebrities are no longer afraid to flaunt their bare skin and since the lockdown hit, many of them have been sharing snippets of what they are like in their daily life- skincare, self-care, kitchen shenanigans, and everything in between- which were usually kept well guarded in older times.

So we deep-dived into some of our favorite celebs' social channels and interviews to spill the tea on the secret behind their ever-glowing skin and here’s what we got our hands on:


If someone absolutely owns their no-makeup, ever-radiating look on Instagram, that's new mommy-to-be, Alia Bhatt Kapoor. 

The secret behind that glow? Lots of skin pampering in the form of face roller massages. Other skincare essentials that made it to Alia's list are eye cream, Niacinamide serum, a moisturizer that gives her skin a good supply of hydration, and not to forget, sunscreen before putting on makeup or stepping out. 


Sure, there might be some contribution of the genes when it comes to Harshvarshan Kapoor (does a little dhina dhin dha! in the background!), but this dark-eyed lad sure takes his "skincare routine and grooming seriously". 

A firm believer in not taking the skin for granted, Harshvardhan Kapoor is all about practicing a simple yet consistent routine with an everyday moisturizer and a sunblock cream. In his words, "If clean-shaven, I use aftershave. If I keep a beard, which is my present look, I use beard oil to keep my hair soft. Since I have sensitive skin, I am very conscious about the products that I use."


If glowing beauty is a crown, Bebo is the ultimate P.H.A.T (pretty hot and tempting.. if you know, you know!) queen. The secret behind her natural beauty is definitely confidence and sunscreen. She prefers wearing sun protection, flaunting her bare skin, and "letting it breathe" over wearing makeup when she’s not acing her game in front of the camera. 

But the go-to ritual that Bebo swears by is an oil massage for the face, which is said to "bring all the impurities out and deep-cleanse" her skin. Adding to the list is lots of water for hydration- "a thumb rule for glowing skin."


Beyond his grooving energy or charismatic charm, Varun Dhawan has been vocal about how he is big on skincare. The actor abides by the four-liter drinking water rule that flushes out all the body toxins and aloe vera gel for keeping that healthy glow on the skin intact.

With oily skin problems like clogged pores, Varun Dhawan's go-to skincare product to keep his skin at its best spirit is an oil-free moisturizer and sunscreen. He loves indulging in a little self-care with body oil massages, which, in his words” can go a long way” and we are not denying it!


Desi girl, Priyanka Chopra (Jonas) with her golden glow is a treat to the eyes. Her beauty ritual is all about desi nuskhas handed down by her mother which includes a DIY face mask made with whole wheat flour, full cream yogurt, lime juice, and rose water. 

In one of her interviews, she said how she makes sure to exfoliate her skin twice a month- "I spend five minutes buffing my skin with a loofah in the shower, then afterward, I blend a hydrating oil like argan oil with body lotion and really go to town massaging the mix into my skin."