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What happens when the first and the most pivotal step of your skincare routine goes wrong? All the other steps that follow after the facial cleanser become futile. No matter if you're practicing a 7-step regime or a 12-step regime, unless you cleanse your face right, nothing will work. While we are hustling and jumping stones, our skin too faces a plethora of toxins, pollution, and dirt all day long, every day. Keeping that in mind, we simply cannot afford not to cleanse our face well if our end goal is getting healthy and happy skin. There might be ample reasons why your facial cleanser (no matter how best a cleanser it claims to be!) might not be working. Let's run by some of the major why's:

1. Your hands are unclean while practicing skincare


Our hands are home to countless bacteria, dirt, and impurities. Thus, it's vital to wash our hands properly before cleansing, making sure not to transfer any residing impurities from the hands to the face. Not just that, cleansing your hands before your skincare routine will also ensure that your skin is in good and clean hands. Similarly, once the cleansing is done, it is very crucial to use a clean face towel to dry the face later. Remember, in skincare, cleanliness is godliness!

2. You're not using an oil-based cleanser

The most common types of debris or residues that clog up our skin are~ Firstly, oil-based impurities that include makeup, sebum, and SPF (sunscreen) and secondly, and water-based impurities like sweat and dirt. Water-based cleansers are mostly effective in cleansing off day-long dirt and sweat from the face, but makeup debris? not so much! Cleansing with an oil-based cleanser helps to effectively remove all makeup residues, which otherwise might become an open invitation for acne and breakouts. 

3. You are applying oil-based cleansers on wet/damp skin

You might have heard that skincare works best when applied on damp skin; that is somewhat true but one hundred percent true. While cleansing the face with an oil-based cleanser, it is important to know that oil cleansers work best when massaged on dry skin. Once you are done lathering your face well, then you damp your fingers with water to emulsify the formula (milkifying the consistency of the cleanser). When you apply oil cleansers on damp skin, the skin doesn't allow proper absorption and hence, your oil-based impurities are left unattended on the skin itself, while the pores remain clogged.

4. You're using natural or raw oils

Natural oils might come with a lot of benefits but effective cleansing ain't one of them. Natural/essential oils contain preservatives that can be good for your body but not your skin. Your cleansing solution should have emulsifiers that help in effective rinsing. When we layer our skin with oil, it leaves behind a thin film that enables the skin to breathe, suffocating it  and clogging pores which ultimately leads to painful breakouts.

5. You're not using the right cleanser for your skin type

When it comes to skincare, there are no one size fits. Every skin is different and requires selective care. Every product reacts differently on different skin. Choosing the right ingredients that compliment your skin is the key here. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, the wrong cleanser will provoke acne breakouts, whereas the right cleanser made for acne-prone skin will provide effective results.