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Toners are undoubtedly the most underrated skincare product out there. People who use these clear, lightly tinted liquid often don't understand its purpose and they keep adding it to their routine simply out of habit. Although a good skincare habit always has our approval, we are believers of sharing in depth knowledge of its benefits so that you can put the product to good use for clear, balanced skin.

Truth be spoken, toners have a negative reputation of drying out skin and causing skin inflammation. But on the other hand, when choosing the right formula for your skin type, it helps to hydrate and balance your skin pH (normally around 5.5). 

Not just that, but a good toner cleanses off any last traces of impurities or make-up stuck in your pores after a face wash. The best quality of a toner is its anti-aging benefits. It usually comes in the form of water, alcohol or gel-based liquid and when used consistently, toners help to shrink and tighten your pores, which further slows down aging skin. Besides that, it brings a massive difference to your skin texture by improving uneven skin tone and refining dry patches.

Is it really important to use a toner when a cleanser does 80% of the job? 

The answer is YES!

When you use a normal face wash or cleanser, it is most likely to strip off your skin's natural moisture. Thereby, your skin becomes more alkaline, making it sensitive to inflammation and dryness. Oftentimes, the residue of a cleanser can block your pores that can lead to acne problems as well. Introducing your skincare to a good alcohol-free toner not only balances your skin's pH levels but it also promotes clear skin and prepares it for better absorption of skincare and make-up products. When infused with skin superfoods like Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid, Red Clover Flower Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Lavender Oil and Patchouli Oil, the toner provides additional benefits to your skin, based on its type.

Who needs to use a toner?

Amidst a heap of skincare myths, toner for oily skin 'only' is one of the most common misconceptions. But fact is, a toner can be used by every skin type, irrespective of oily skin or acne concerns. Although a toner plays a very vital role in keeping oil production at check, the real purpose of a toner is to stabilize and bring back balance to your skin after cleansing. Applying serums, moisturizers and other products after layering your skin with a toner has proven to be more effective.

What is the right way to use a toner?

Putting a couple of drops on a cotton pad and gently applying all over your face and neck after cleansing is the right way to layer a toner. Or you can simply go green by skipping the cotton pads! Just put a few drops on the palm and pat on the face. Voila!

Summing down the possible benefits of using a toner:

  1. Balances your skin pH levels
  2. Soothes skin irritation & inflammation
  3. Checks excess oil production
  4. Shrinks and tightens open pores
  5. Hydrates the skin
  6. Slows down signs of skin aging
  7. Preps the skin for a proper make-up routine
  8. Exfoliates the skin

Which toner should you go for?

Half of the battle is won when you pick up the right formulation of toner. Every skin type has different needs and thus picking the right toner can be quite a task. On the contrary, Be Soulfull Shrink Those Pores Texture Refining toner is a gentle and alcohol-free formulation, infused with all skin-superfoods that suits all skin types.

Glycolic Acid (AHA) & Mandelic Acid in the toner unclogs pores, controls bacterial growth and removes dead skin cells. Natural ingredients like Red Clover Flower Extract and Raspberry Fruit Extract speed up skin regeneration, boost skin tightening & shrinks large pores, leaving your skin super fresh and prepped!