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Our skin requires special care at all its various stages. Starting from teenage years where it's a constant battle with acne to menopause, where the skin goes haywire from all the hormonal imbalance. But yet so, the most challenging time for the skin is in its menopause phase, which occurs mostly between 40-55 years of age. It is this period when the skin is at its most vulnerable. It stops producing collagen and starts losing elasticity and moisture, resulting in dry, dehydrated, thinner, saggy, and more sensitive skin. The skin looks duller than usual and healing becomes a slow process which means blemishes, and acne marks stay around rather longer.

Menopause can also be referred to as puberty 2.0 with thinner skin, wrinkles, and hot flashes to boot. Acne comes back too due to relatively higher levels of androgen over estrogen. But just like the skin requires certain care when you hit puberty, it's the same when you hit menopause. Applying specific ingredients and following a consistent routine can help keep the skin in its best health. Always remember, the goal is to boost your skin's health which slows down with age.

Recommended ingredients to add to your skincare in the post-menopause phase are Retinol or Peptides, which help increase skin cell turnover, and AHAs/BHAs, which are great for stimulating collagen production for plumper and thicker-looking skin. Hyaluronic Acid will prove to be a game-changing ingredient for strengthening the skin barrier and bringing back all the lost moisture to the skin. Here are some skincare tips to follow when you're living the menopause phase; because we don't believe in looking the age!

1. Switch to a soap-free, gentle cleanser

Cleansing is the first and the most important skincare step. As we age, the skin loses its natural moisture and tends to dry. Choosing a cleanser that is beneficial for drier skin must be the intention. Since your cleanser will add that extra moisture when you wash your face, a creamy formulation works better than that of a foaming consistency.

2. Focus wildly on keeping the skin hydrated

After menopause, the skin's oil glands go for a toss and get inactive, which is why the skin gets so dry. Using heavier creams or serums with actives and peptides will help boost hydration. Putting on a moisturizer on damp skin is another tip you must abide by for healthy results.

3. Don't ever stop using SPF

With years passing by, the skin only gets weaker, and imagine if the sun can damage your skin when it is at its strongest, how much blunder it can cause when it is at its weakest?! Switch to a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or higher and wear it religiously every day to shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.