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It's a valid debate, isn't it? To refrigerate your skincare or not to refrigerate your skincare?

Not long ago, social media raged up amongst the netizens with a brand new, super-hyped product- a Mini skincare fridge. And ever since, a train of questions ran by our skin-thusiastic minds:

"After all this while, do we really need to drop our skincare into the chiller now?"

"Wasn't our skincare effective before these mini skincare fridges came along?"

"What difference does it make anyway?"

"Are these extra efforts worth it for the skin?"

"Is this entire skincare freezer thing even relevant?"

In the quest for correct answers (‘cause we take skincare VERY seriously!), we put on our research geek goggles, and here's what we found:

When a skincare product is formulated, what’s a must for companies is performing their stability test. 

Now, what is a stability test and why is it done? 

The stability test of skincare products determines the shelf life of the products. It is done over a period of time in extreme temperatures- cold and hot, to see if the product changes its potency or remains intact. It is done till the time the product reaches a stable consistency to sustain it till it reaches its expiration. The stability test is very vital when it comes to skincare as it assures that the product won’t fall short on its effectiveness, quality, or safety when kept at room temperature. In short, a skincare product’s stability test is done so that you can keep your skincare at room temperature- like you have been doing all these years!

But does that mean, cooling your skincare doesn’t increase the efficacy of the products? 

The right answer to this question is, yes and no. We’ll explain:

The skincare freezer might actually scale up the benefit of some skincare products. For example, undereye creams are meant for relaxing or de-puffing stressed eyes. Why? cooling the cream would leave a soothing after-effect upon its application. Cold temperature promotes the easy flow of blood circulation on the face, which means reduced inflammation and therefore, the soothing effect and less swell/puffiness. 

The same logic applies to sheet masks as well. Sheet masks' purpose is to soothe and provide glow and plumpness to the skin. When refrigerated, the anti-inflammatory properties work better to soothe and cool down the skin. It's more beneficial when you apply the sheet masks after a long day of stressful chores; just the calming down your skin asks for. 

Next on the list is serums with potent ingredients. Say, Vitamin C serums. Keeping serums in the fridge can help stabilize their collagen-boosting properties. Although all serums are tested for storing at room temperature, keeping them in ‘a cool, dry place' is never a bad idea. 

One skincare product that you MUST refrigerate is a skincare tool- a facial roller or a gua sha. Doing so enhances the effectiveness of the natural stones when you massage your skin. Make sure, if any of your skincare tools are battery operated, you must not keep them in the freezer as the moisture will definitely damage the tools. 

Now we know what works well when kept inside a freezer; but what doesn't work?

First on the list is oils- your facial oils do not belong inside a freezer as doing so will change their texture and hence their efficacy. Next are clay masks and peel-off masks- when you refrigerate clay masks, it hardens and you can probably never use them again. So, that is an absolute no-no!