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We all (well, most of us!) love the season of monsoon and the drizzle and pours that come with it. But unfortunately, we can't say the same for your skin. Season changes rather take a massive toll on your skin as it comes with its own share of problems. The increase in humidity and decrease in temperature keeps the skin on a constant fluctuation scale. The skin tends to get dry at times and extremely oily on other times; maintaining the perfect balance is a challenge but there's nothing the right skincare routine cannot fix!

A good and consistent monsoon skincare helps your skin to maintain its glow, keeping excess oil and zits at bay. Although the basics of cleansing, toning and moisturizing remain the same, what makes a difference is using products that are gentle and lightweight along with some thoughtful tips that will be a boon for your skin in this unpredictable weather.

1.Scrub or exfoliation to the rescue

The spiraling humidity during the drizzling season is bad news for the skin. It attracts more oil, sweat, dirt and other impurities that further break out the skin and sometimes, it gets even worse. A mild scrub or exfoliator, two to three times a week, can help unclog your pores by scrapping off all the toxins settled on the skin.

2. Vitamin C for the win

Although exfoliation can help your skin achieve that glow in such testing weather conditions, you cannot exfoliate every day. Rather adding a Vitamin C serum to your morning and night-time skincare routine can help your skin achieve that healthy glow and brighter complexion even on the gloomiest of days.

3.Make SPF your BFF

Be it rain or shine, sunscreen is a must if you don't want your skin to whine! The harmful rays of the sun damage your skin cells even on the cloudiest of days, so it's always a great idea to layer your skin with SPF as the last step of your skincare routine. 

4.Bring a change to your makeup essentials

It's very crucial for your skin to breathe, especially when it's so humid outside. We recommend going for a lightweight BB cream instead of a full-coverage foundation. Remove your makeup religiously to keep your pores clean and breakouts at bay.