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We have been hearing this for months, well, years in fact, about what the skinfluencers are calling 'glass skin'. So, what exactly is ‘glass skin’?

Glass skin stands for crystal clear skin that almost looks and feels laminated. If you ask us and we had to be honest with our views when we first heard about it, it seemed like an unrealistic skin goal you set out for yourself, because someone posted their skincare thread online and all you got is obsessed!

But then again, a little research doesn’t hurt, and that’s when we deep-dived into the roots of this trend and realized it’s nothing unusual, none at all! All you need to attain ‘glass skin’ is a consistent skincare routine and clean food habits. That’s it, that’s all you need to do!

Getting into details, the term was first coined in 2017 by Los Angeles-based makeup artist and beauty blogger, Ellie Choi, who evidently has the perfect skin; well-toned texture, smooth like butter, with no pores, translucent, and a goddess-like glow. Yes, Choi’s the reason we’re all hyping over the ‘glass skin’ trend ever since! No wonder Choi's gorgeous skin broke the internet, but when you learn how she attains it, you'll go, "REALLY? THAT’S IT?”

Here’s what Ellie does to get her skin the glow of the goddesses:
Step 1: Religiously removes her makeup with cleansing towelettes.
Step 2: Wiping makeup off ain't enough, she washes her face with a mild cleanser.
Step 3: Then she uses a toner because keeping the pores tight is the key!
Step 4: The holy grail of her routine is to moisturize and give her skin a decent supply of hydration.

Besides following this routine every single day, Choi exfoliates every second day with a wash-off mask to get rid of dead skin cells. And lastly, she indulges in some weekly self-care with sheet masks, twice, to keep her skin healthy and dewy.

Pretty basic right?! Some of you might be following the exact same routine for ages and gotten some really good results as well, but glass skin? Not really, isn’t it? Seems like skincare isn't enough to attain that skin goal you're after.

Don't trust us, trust Choi! Her secret behind that phenomenal skin texture and glow includes drinking lots of water, adding plenty of greens to her diet, and staying as far as she can from greasy food (we know, this is the hardest part? *sobs in a corner*). But if you want skin like Choi’s, you gotta make sacrifices, my friend!

The good news is, a little effort here and there goes a long way. Just taking the first step with a consistent skincare regime two times a day can help your skin reach its healthy peak. After that, it’s just a game of adding a little more to those efforts and striving; We call it ‘skinvestment’ and when you skinvest, you get glowing, in this case, glassy results!