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Can you live without drinking water? Maybe for a while you can but that's not ideal for the longer run. Your throat starts drying up and your body gets dehydrated when you avoid drinking water for long, resulting in weakness, dizziness and even hard breathing. Imagine if lack of hydration can do that to your body, what it must do to your skin? And that is why moisturizing your skin is so essential. 

Being the largest organ of the body, our skin plays a very beneficial role in guarding our internal organs from environmental factors such as viruses, bacteria and the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. When it doesn't receive adequate nourishment and moisturizing, it can turn into your worst nightmare. 

1. Your skin turns dull & flaky 

Your skin needs to retain moisture to stay soft and plump. Especially in the winter months, the skin is most prone to dehydration due to the dry air and humidity levels. So when you don't moisturize your skin enough, the protective outer layer of the skin slowly strips off its natural oils which allows irritants an easy access to your skin, causing skin inflammation, rough patches and flaking.

2. Your skin starts aging early

When you don't use a moisturizer, the skin naturally becomes dry and dehydrated since the skin barrier is compromised. As a result of which your skin can experience poor chronic inflammation that is responsible for collagen breakdown and accelerated skin aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines. Moisturiser helps us to lock in the natural moisture of the skin & save your skin from the pain of early aging.

3. It makes your acne worse

If you have oily and acne-prone skin, moisturizer is supposed to be your best buddy. It is a common myth that moisturizing oily skin can aggravate your acne but the truth is it's the other way round. Using a non-greasy, non-comedogenic moisturizer along with your acne-treatment regimen can help keep your acne in check.

4. Your skin barrier is lost

A moisturizer does more than moisturizing your skin; it shields your skin barrier too. When we use active ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, salicylic acid and so on without following up with a moisturizer, the skin barrier can strip off, leaving you with terrible side effects such as skin inflammation, flakes and peeling skin. 

5. You skin becomes cakey post makeup

Your skin is a canvas and makeup is art. Imagine if the canvas is dry and flaky, how creasy the art will get?! When you skip a moisturizer before makeup, it jabs and seeps into fine lines, making your skin look dry and cakey. Now that's a disaster you do not want.

If all these little horrors don't make you embrace a moisturizer, then maybe just thinking about the pain your skin can go through can do the trick!