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The simplest of things are of the most crucial value. The same concept applies to your skincare regime as well. Cleansing your face may seem to be the easiest part of the routine, but believe us when we say it, it is the most important part of the routine. The efficiency of your skincare products depends on how well you have cleansed your face. Always get the core right!

Your skin's health depends on how well you take care of it. Thus, knowing your skin type is the stepping stone for glowing skin. Next comes finding the right cleanser for you, followed by a brief knowledge on how to cleanse your face for maximum benefit. A mild cleanser with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, kakadu Plum, Gotu Kola and so on, can go a long way in providing your skin the nourishment it so rightly deserves.

It all starts with cleansing...

Remember when your mother used to force cleanse your face every night before bed? You used to hate it back then but you realise that she was right! Let's walk through the five most important facts about cleansing and learn how regular facial cleansing is so critical for a well-balanced, glowing and healthy skin.

1. Time is the key

Washing your face might feel like a ten seconds job but the hard reality is that your cleanser too needs time to grab the grime and lift off those day-long impurities from your face. Massaging your face with a gentle cleanser for a good thirty seconds can cleanse your face 80% better than a quick wash.

2. Over Cleansing is a problem

Although it's important to give your cleanser time to work on the skin impurities, over scrubbing your face can trigger or worsen acne concerns. That's why investing in a mild cleanser is a wise choice to make. And remember, 'gentle' is the word when you massage your face and not 'ransack' it!

3. Your face does not end at your chin

Your neck is an extension of your face and it requires equal attention while cleansing. Consider cleansing your neck, chest and shoulders too when you're on the first step of your skincare routine.

4. There's a pattern to cleanse your face

Many of you might be using your palms while massaging your face with a cleanser, but working your fingertips against your skin in a circular motion is the correct way to go. Following this pattern doesn't irritate your skin and also helps to stimulate blood and oxygen to your skin.

5. It all boils down to rinsing your face

Rinsing your face with lukewarm splashes of water is the most important step of cleansing your face, making sure no residue is left behind. How well you rinse your face determines how clean your skin is; that further determines how effective the absorption of other skincare products will be on your skin.