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Summer can be extremely harsh on the skin if you don’t take proper care of it. The increased heat and humidity in summer make the sebaceous glands overactive, resulting in rashes, acne, excess sebum around the T zone and early ageing spots. 

With the temperature soaring, summer calls for some special attention and changes to your daily skincare routine. Don’t panic! You don’t need to overhaul your beauty routines completely. Do some basic tweaks to your skincare regime to adjust to the seasonal change to get back to your skincare game.

Some of the most effective skincare tips are listed below to keep you glowing during the scorching summers. Regardless of your skin type, these holistic tips for skincare in summers would help you achieve a flawless complexion and problem-free skin.

Use Temperature Appropriate Skin Products

Irrespective of your skin type, hydration is the key to keep your skin glowing. During summers, opt for products that don’t clog the pores and allow your skin to breathe naturally. Put your regular heavy cream to rest and switch to lightweight gel or water-based formulations.

Infused with essential oils and other skin-enhancing acids, the gel-based formulations add hydration, reduce redness and help you get glowing dewy skin. While gel moisturizers or serums infused with Hyaluronic acid works best for oily skin, water-based moisturizers are perfect for normal and combination skin.

Add a Punch of Vitamin C to your Beauty Regime

Summer is the best time to splurge in skin products that come with an extra punch of antioxidants. Loaded with many skin-nourishing benefits, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and hyaluronic acid are said to be two of the safest skincare ingredients during summers.

While vitamin C protects skin from UVB ray induced oxidative damage, stimulates collagen production, and lightens pigmentation, on the other hand, Hyaluronic acid nourishes the skin from within. Use vitamin C serum during the day to reduce the effect of UV rays and pamper your skin with cell renewal supplements like alpha or beta hydroxy acid before calling it a day.

Consider Changing your Face Wash

Irrespective of the season, you need to clean your face twice a day to maintain healthy-looking skin. During summers, when heat and humidity cause increased sebum production in the skin leading to clogged pores, acne etc., all you need is an excellent cleanser to get rid of the excess oil on your skin.

To combat oily and dull-looking skin effectively during this time, you need to pick cleansers containing salicylic acid, a BHA and a great pimple fighter. By penetrating deeper into the skin, it removes dead cells, dirt and excess sebum, which generally causes clogged pores. While face cleanser with salicylic acid is the best for the oily skin type, dry skin people should opt for non-soapy mild face washes during summer.

Eat As Per Season

When it comes to skincare in summers, besides following a rigorous beauty regime, you should also be careful of your diet during this time. To keep your body well hydrated and your energy level high, you need to add certain foods to your diet that initially helps your body to cool down.

Consuming foods that are high in moisture content reduces body heat, removes toxin from the body, aids digestion and helps alleviate the effects of excess body heat like acne, rash, breakout and pimples. Avoid greasy food and include food with higher water content like fresh fruits, vegetables, curd, buttermilk etc. to your diet.

Avoid Frequent Hot Shower

Avoid hot water shower in summer as it makes skin dehydrated and leads to itching and rashes. As per dermatologists, frequent hot shower strips away the natural oil or sebum and makes skin thirsty. A cold shower is not only much more refreshing but also keeps skin pores unclogged and prevents breakouts.

Make Sunscreen Your Best Friend

Do not step out without applying a good sunscreen to exposed skin areas. Since UVA rays can penetrate the deeper layer of skin, it’s essential to apply sunscreen even while staying indoors. Sunscreens with SPF of 30 or above is recommended and should be used at least 15-20 minutes before going outdoors. While sunscreen cream with a matte finish is preferred for dry and combination skin, gel-based sun protections are best for oily skin type.

Ditch Foundation for BB or CC cream

Instead of regular heavy foundation, switch to lightweight base products such as BB or CC creams. Combining light foundation, moisturizer, and SPF in one, give sheer coverage and protect skin from sun damage. If you even want to get a lighter skin, you can use a tinted moisturizer or matte finish sunscreen with just a touch of concealer.

Say Good-Bye to AHAs and Retinol

If AHAs like glycolic acid, retinol, hydroquinone is like the holy grail for you, summer is the time to overhaul your skincare routine. As per dermatologists, Alpha-hydroxy acids, retinol make your skin more photosensitive and may lead to solar radiation damages like flakiness, redness, peeling and itching. These skin products can even cause melisma, hyperpigmentation, skin discolouration if used without wearing proper sun protection.

Making minor adjustments to the beauty routine is the key!

Tweaking your summer skincare regime as per the changing weather and your skin type will help you wade through the season effortlessly. With just a few simple changes in your daily skincare routine, you can flaunt your best look all through the summer season too. 

Stick to the basic skincare routine in summers, eat well and drink a lot of water to embrace the sun fearlessly!