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It's a given fact that the first step of skin care starts with cleansing~ a very essential step that removes all the day-long impurities and dirt sitting on our skin's surface. But what if we tell you that cleansing your face once is NOT enough?! cleansing is among the harshest steps in your skincare regime that can strip off the skin's natural oils, affecting its natural barrier too. And that's where the popular K-beauty trend- double cleansing- comes in.

As simple as the name suggests, double cleansing is a process of cleansing your face twice, using an oil-based cleanser as the first step of cleansing and a water-based cleanser as the second step. But there's more to double cleansing than just washing your face twice- the benefits it carries will change your skin for good (no wonder Koreans swear by it!).

What are these benefits?

  • Cleansing your face once leaves behind its residues, doing more harm than good. The most important benefit of double cleansing is that it addresses this particular concern~ the first cleanser softens the grime and dirt collected on the surface of the skin, whereas the second cleanser rinses it all away while hydrating, treating, or exfoliating the skin (depending on the type of cleanser you choose.)
  • Double cleansing is very effective for removing makeup from its base. It also helps remove the sunscreen that usually ends up clogging our pores that further agitates the skin and calls upon acne concerns.
  • Double cleansing helps to double up your skincare routine's efficacy too. For any skincare product to work properly, it's crucial in penetrates deeper into the skin. When you double cleanse, you prep your skin to make more room for the products flowing in, without any blockage.
  • Double cleansing before calling it a day can help your skin to avoid oxidative damage and restore its collagen production (responsible for your skin's elasticity) that keeps losing due to pollution and UV reflection.

How often is it advisable to double cleanse?

EVERY DAY IN YOUR PM SKINCARE ROUTINE. That's how you can reap the benefits to their fullest potential. It's ideally done at night so that your skin can be cleared off all the day-long makeup and accumulated dirt and dust. Also, any product you apply post double cleansing gets absorbed better and gets to work its wonder all over the night. Some skin-thusiasts even believe in practicing it twice a day- morning and night. But fret not, there's no pressure. Try to double cleanse your face as often as you can till it becomes a routine.

Is double cleansing suitable for all skin types?

YES, YES, and a hundred times YES. All skin types are eligible for double-cleansing. Although some skin is more reciprocating towards the process than others, say oily skin & acne-prone skin. Using two mild cleansers helps keep excess sebum away than using a strong topical product that eventually dries out oily skin. Similarly, if you have acne-prone skin, double cleansing fights off acne-causing bacteria and also calms down irritated skin.

Some pro tips

  • Using an oil-based cleanser is beneficial for people with oily skin types since it removes all the impurities caused as a result of excess oil production.
  • Oil-based cleansers are a blessing for all skin types since it does not let your skin lose its youthful glow by getting rid of its natural lipid, moisture, and ceramides.
  • If oil-based cleansers are your skin is a major no-no, you can simply go for two water-based cleansers.