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We know one of the most confusing things about skincare is knowing how to build a skincare routine right for you, so we’ve broken it down for you step by step!

Steps in Your Skincare Routine

Step 1: Cleanse

Salicylic Acid Cleanser

The base of any good skincare routine! We recommend cleansing AM and PM daily as the first step of your skincare recipe. Some people may even find that skipping a cleanser in the AM and opting for just water can help the condition of their skin - it can be worth playing around to find what works for you.
Make sure the water isn’t too warm - hot water can strip skin of it’s natural oils leaving your skin feeling dry and tight.

Oily or blemish prone? Try using our Salicylic Acid Cleanser for oil and breakout control! 

Dry or sensitive? Try using our Oat Cleansing Balm for an effective yet nourishing cleanse. 

Dull skin? Try using Fulvic Acid Brightening Cleanser for a gentle exfoliation to reveal glowing skin. Learn more about our new brightening ingredient in our Ingredient 101 : Fulvic Acid blog post

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Step 2: Hydrate

Hyaluronic Acid

Try using our hero hydrator Hyaluronic Acid as your first step after cleansing.

Working across multiple layers of the skin it can help carry your following products into the skin helping them work more effectively while helping keep skin hydrated, plump and glowing. Use AM and PM daily for best results.

For all skin types: We recommend Hyaluronic acid for everyone! This hydrating hero should be a staple in just about every skincare recipe, from simple skincare routines to more advanced ski regimens. Find out more about this powerful hydrator in our Ingredients 101 : Hyaluronic Acid blog post.

Step 3: Treat

15% Vitamin C + EGF

We have a number of serums and treatments in our range, that can each target different skincare goals. When layering skincare, we suggest as a general rule, working from the thinnest to thickest consistency. Start off with any exfoliating toners or serums, they help sweep away dead and dehydrated cells from the surface of the skin helping your following products penetrate the skin better.

Dull skin? Try our 15% Vitamin C and EGF Serum for a glow.

Breakouts? Try our Beta Hydroxy Acid serum to help clear out pores and reduce outbreaks.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles? Try our Retinol serum to gradually reduce their appearance while smoothing and brightening. Got more questions about Retinol? Read our Ingredients 101 : Retinol & Retinoids blog post

Hyperpigmentation? Try our Tranexamic Acid Serum to target hyperpigmentation while smoothing and brightening skin. 

Oily skin or redness? Try using Niacinamide to balance oil production and calm any redness.

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Caffeine Eye Cream

We have three eye creams in our range, all formulated to target different skincare goals! Use your eye cream around the orbital bone and under the brow - steering clear of your eye lids and gently pat in with your ring finger for the perfect amount of pressure.

Dark Circles? Try our Brighten-i eye cream to instantly illuminate while long term helping to restore skin to its natural tone

Puffiness? Try our Caffeine Eye Cream which can help reduce water retention under the eye

Signs of aging? Try our Retinol Eye Cream to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 4: Moisturize

how to layer moisturizer step

Moisturizers help draw and lock moisture into the skin while oils work on the surface of the skin, helping to keep your skin barrier strong, further locking in moisture and improving texture. All of the best skincare routines should include a moisturizer, specific to your concerns and skin goals.

Mature skin? Try our Peptide Moisturizer to help reduce wrinkles and leave skin looking radiant.

Dull Skin? Try our Symbright Moisturiser to brighten skin and reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone. Read our Bright Skin 101 blog post to find out why we get dull skin and the other ingredients that help brighten skin. 

Oily Skin? Try our Multi-Biotic Moisturizer to help balance your skin pH level, helping control oil production.

Normal skin? Try our Vitamin B, C & E Moisturizer for healthy-looking skin.

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Step 5: SPF

SPF 30 Daily Sunscreen

Unprotected sun exposure can damage skin, cause accelerated signs of aging and hyperpigmentation. We suggest protecting skin with a broad spectrum SPF daily as the last step of your AM routine.
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Are there any products you can't mix?

While most products can be used together safely there are few products to watch out for to be on the safe side!

Vitamin C and Retinol can cause irritation if mixed. We’d suggest using Vitamin C as part of your AM routine to make the most of its antioxidant effects and Retinol in the evening as it can increase sun sensitivity
We’d also suggest using any exfoliating acids on alternate nights to any Retinol products you may be using to avoid risking irritation. We also wouldn’t suggest using more than one exfoliating acid a day, you could risk over exfoliation and irritation. You could mix and match using a stronger exfoliating acid like our Glycolic on your t-zone and gentler product like our Lactic Acid elsewhere.

Create a skincare routine today with our Recipe Builder.

Not sure how to layer your skincare routine, unique to you? You can chat to our #askINKEY team now who’ll be happy to help build you a personalized skincare recipe!